High quality flower sales

Today, shandong jinan erhuanxi road crowded in fu lai flower market. Many people even visitors flocked to the choose and buy flowers. Ms xue and his family to the choose and buy flowers. After a “bargain”, ms xue buying basin money plant, two basin butterfly orchid, six 10 azaleas. She smiled and said, “butterfly orchid, the source of happiness, I hope the year of the tiger can luck.” Speaking of flowers, says ms sand aren’t now advocate low carbon life, we also ride this wave, become the “low-carbon tribe”. “Before the Spring Festival flower market hot strength until now, every day there are dozens of people to see flowers.”

Street near the river the relevant person in charge of a flower market, said compared with the past, group buying less, citizen individual purchase cost significantly more. He introduces, high quality flowers sales this year is better than in the past, the purchaser requires not only modelling beautiful flowers, and flower POTS also high quality requirements. HuaTan has beautiful flower pot to meet consumer demand.

Post time: Mar-05-2018
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