How to spend in the FLOWER POTS? The steps in the FLOWER POTS

People love flowers in the flower breeding at a certain time, must in the basin flowers for operation, usually in basin should be conducted in plant dormant, early in the spring time the end of February to early march, as well as late as the beginning of April, most plant metabolism is slow, at this time the new root germination, not easy injury in the basin. Early in basin vulnerable to cold, too late, temperatures and new root germination, in basin of associated plants were injured. However, for different plants can have different time of the basin, meaty plant, should be in the basin after late spring temperatures warmer. If there are any special circumstances, as long as the other season maintenance measures to keep up with in a basin. Such as in basin with in greenhouse in winter, the summer in a basin under the charmilles after careful maintenance for a period of time, can grow well. Plum rains season trees begin to flourish, while the temperature is higher transpiration is small, but because of the humidity big trees in the basin is also very safe, miniascape of some seasoned veteran, also specially choose during rainy season in basin, think at this point in the basin is more beneficial to the growth.

In general, two years in the basin, strong cold hardiness of such as Chinese rose, huang can be conducted in February. Cold hardiness difference such as winter jasmine, the plum blossom in March. Cold hardiness of the worst such as milan, with a smile, can be in April.

In a basin with the basin flower seedlings out, should not only keep in good soil, and can not damage the basin, also can’t take the shovel to dig the root injury. Should let the soil dry some before take off the pot. Combination in basin, plants should be moderate clip, cut off branches and twigs, overlapping branch, weak branches. To substantially cut too weak plants should be, and sometimes even cut off from the base, promote the germination of robust branches.

Changes when the new basin as for new unused flower pot, to the fish in clean water soak 1-2 days, let it just can use after fully absorbing water. Such as unused flower pot, because the base permeability decreases, and easy have virus and worm eggs, therefore, should be soaked in scrub clean the fish in clean water, and then soaked in boiling water for 10 minutes, then remove to put in ventilated place dry. This work should be finished before take off the pot.

Changes when the new basin should be slightly larger than the original basin, check pelvic floor drain, the small basin bottom hole diameter of 1 cm – 2 cm long enough, big basin must be 3 cm, 4 cm, not big enough to extend it. Will flower POTS and bottom hole cover half with a piece of tiles, put another piece on top, formed “cover without plugging, block and die”, so that the ventilation and drainage. Such as planting azalea, camellia, dahlia, chrysanthemum, orchid, chrysanthemum, such as xi drainage good plant, more pelvic floor mat some broken tiles, to enhance the performance of the drainage breathable. In the broken tiles spread a layer of mud and basal ca. 2 cm, 3 cm, then apply a thin layer or culture at the end of the earth. Flowers roots in flowerpot central centralizer. Will add to the soil around the roots, half basin soil compaction with the hand, continue to add to the soil from PenKou until it is more than 2 cm – 3 cm, and watering fertilizer in the future. About 10 days, and then gradually into the XiangYangChu. Flower POTS in the process of production, basin bottom intake often has a circle up edge, the edge if not remove drainage can affect the rainy season, should be broken when in the basin. Basin can also be used when a plastic wire netting on the bottom, can prevent grubs, earthworm into the basin. In the basin when poured out of the root soil tuo, must spend with a sharp cutting out a layer of old root, root surface soil also need to use a shovel to dig the pine. Otherwise, root volume winding don’t stretch around the basin wall, easy to drought, waterlogging, changes in the cold, hot, plants are often bad development.

New soil in the basin, basin soil Dun must be real, avoid watering can appear after the soil cave, affect the root absorption of water. And must be set aside along the mouth watering, not by the soil full place without water. Water must be drenched. Family in water basin for the first time, had better use pot immersion method, potted flower to be included in the basin, to the soil surface wetness take place again. Should stay on for the first time after pouring, the soil dry again to the surface of white water, to master the principle of “do not sprinkle”.

Basin of specific methods is off in the basin under the condition of the soil is slightly dry (at this time on the one hand, the soil shrinkage, easily from emergence in the basin, and can keep the soil do not come loose), trees from the basin out first, then use bamboo to eliminate SuTu around half, cut along the soil around the ball go old root, takes root. Especially the taproot cut off to the pelvic floor to stretch, more carefully cut off root rot. Root pruning needs, cut, cut falls to the root. How many apparent shear root root growth, root development, root much, root end can be cut off some more; Root system is not developed, new root dysplasia less cut cut or not. Try to carefully take soil and root pruning operation and avoid scattered clay ball, paying special attention to maintain good capillary root on soil particles. For pine bonsai especially need to protect the root litter, only in this way can ensure a speedy recovery after growing in a basin. In basin for the first time after the water to water the foot, in order to make sure the root joint with new soil, soil water don’t rush to do later. Just in a basin of old tree root is damaged, the new root germination, the ability to absorb water is very weak, then if watering too much are more likely to cause roots rotted. Correct method is several times a day to spray on the trunk and leaves, maintaining the need for water, trees are not wet soil root damage. After picking soil planting after taking root. The pelvic floor mat when planting good broken POTS or plastic net yarn, in order to keep your pelvic floor ventilation, floods. Big basin and deep basin to pad more broken POTS, then fill in the a layer of coarse grained soil, then planted into the plant, with walking living trees while joining pre-made good cultivating soil, but don’t jump to soil compaction, should first adjust seat of trees in the basin, and then use bamboo stick to fully compacted soil, do not have holes, otherwise easily lead to poor future growth and even death

Post time: Mar-05-2018
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