Several Best House Plants

Although there are many green plants can play a clean air, effectively remove the role of indoor pollution, but for newly renovated houses subjected to chemical pollution, aloe, Chlorophytum, Sansevieria and other plants is the most effective natural deodorant.

NASA scientists after 20 years of research found that in the 24-hour lighting conditions, a pot of aloe can eliminate 1 cubic meter of air contained in 90% formaldehyde; pots Chlorophytum can be stoves, electrical appliances, plastic products The distribution of carbon monoxide and nitrogen peroxide absorbed exhausted, but also siphon off 86% of formaldehyde; leaves and other large foliage plant leaves can absorb more than 80% of indoor harmful gases. Therefore, in the 15 square meters of living room, planted with two pots of Chlorophytum or Sansevieria, you can keep the air fresh, away from formaldehyde harm.

In addition, the ivy can absorb 90% of the benzene; agave can swallow 70% of the benzene, 50% formaldehyde and 24% of trichlorethylene; hanging blue can swallow 96% carbon monoxide, 86% formaldehyde. While kumquat, pomegranate, Mirabilis japonica and Haliotis diversicolor had stronger resistance to hydrogen fluoride. Wisteria had stronger resistance to sulfur dioxide, chlorine and hydrogen fluoride. Camellia, pomegranate, Milan for highly toxic chlorine, have a certain absorption and accumulation capacity; gardenia, pomegranate, Milan can absorb indoor sulfur dioxide; citrus and rosemary indoor air can make bacteria and microorganisms Greatly reduced.

In addition to the above must be in the light conditions can absorb indoor harmful gases in the green plant potted flowers, there are some flowers in the night to purify the air, which are more common types of brown palm, short blue garnish, stripe Gaelan, Day, cup-shaped roots, cultivated pineapple and tiger Pilan and so on. Moreover, this kind of plant also has a very obvious advantage – simple planting and maintenance, which is often said that the flowers “good wait.”

Post time: Mar-07-2018
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