Several Best Nursery Plants

Although there are many green plants can purify the air, effectively remove the effect of indoor pollution, but in the new decorating houses by chemical pollution, aloe vera, bracketplant, sansevieria plants is one of the most effective natural ingredients.

NASA scientists after more than 20 years of research found that within 24 hours of illumination conditions, a pot of aloe can eliminate 1 cubic meter of air in 90% formaldehyde; A basin of chlorophytum stove, electrical appliances, plastic products can be send out of carbon monoxide and nitrogen absorbed, peroxide can also absorb 86% of formaldehyde; Mother-in-law such as blade large foliage plants can absorb more than 80% of the country’s indoor harmful gas. Therefore, in the bedroom of 15 square metre, planted two basin bracketplant or mother-in-law, can keep the air fresh, away from the harm of formaldehyde.

In addition, ivy can absorb 90% of benzene; Tequila can devour 70% 50% 50% of benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene; Hung LAN can eat 96% of carbon monoxide, 86% formaldehyde. And astragalus, including tobacco and cockscomb can absorb a large amount of radioactive elements such as uranium; Kumquat, pomegranate, purple jasmine and half the lotus of hf have strong resistance; Wisteria to stronger resistance to sulfur dioxide, chlorine and hydrogen fluoride; For highly poisonous chlorine, camellia, pomegranate, milan have certain ability to absorb and accumulate; Gardenia, pomegranate flowers, milan can absorb indoor so2; Citrus and rosemary, can make indoor air greatly reduced bacteria and microorganisms.

In addition to the above must be under the condition of light can absorb the harmful gas indoor green plants potted flower, there are some flowers and plants can purify air at night, among the more common types of palm for hair brown, short kuan ti, stripe kuan ti, seeding hypertrophy stonecrop, goblet, cultivation of pineapple and tiger orchid, etc. Moreover, this kind of plant, plant and a very obvious advantages of easy maintenance, is the flower people often say “better”.

Post time: Mar-05-2018
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