The meaning of all kinds of flowers

Tulip love confession, honor, blessing, eternal

Tulip (Purple) endless love, love

Tulip (white) innocent, pure

Tulip (pink) beauty, love, happiness

Tulip (Red) Love confession, joy

Tulip (yellow) noble, treasure, wealth

Lily smooth, all wishes come true, blessing

Perfume lily pure, rich, wedding blessing

Lily (white) pure, solemn, heart to heart

Kwai Lily victory, honor, wealth

Ji Lily wealth, elegant

Carnation mother I love you, passion, truth

Carnation (Red) Believe in your love

Carnation (pink) love, beautiful

Carnation (white) I love forever, the truth, pure

Aster remember, reliable love, please believe me

Chrysanthemum quiet, noble, true love, I love

Rose love

Red Rose Love Pink Rose forever love

White Rose pure love

Yellow Rose lovelorn, faded love

Flamingo wedding, blessing, lucky, happy

Hyacinth joy, love, passion honey

Alice, good news, miss you

Freesia pure, happy, fresh and comfortable

Taro hope, the majestic beauty

Color Calla love, wealth, the truth

Gerbera mystery, excitement, perseverance

Jianlan intentions, longevity, Fluke, Corning

Sunflower love, glory, loyalty

Peony wealth

Goldfish grass out of limelight

Dali flowers gorgeous, elegant

Star really like it

Christmas Red Blessing

Chrysanthemum clean, noble

Post time: Mar-05-2018
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